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Moral Education

The school is secular in character. Instructions on the main principles of Religious and National leaders are imparted to instill in the children a sense of patriotism and inculcate in them moral values.

The Library

The school library is a veritable treasure house for all our students and plays an important role in their all round growth and development. It offers a wide variety of reading material and reference books, journals, magazines, question banks etc.) Our Library is a learning centre where students can pursue knowledge beyond the confines of their classrooms and text books.

Computer Education

The school has been keeping abreast with the age of fast technological advances. Computer Awareness and Education starts from Preparatory Class. Our computer centre is utilized for administrative purposes and data processing, financial accounting etc. There is a well equiped computer lab in the school for students.

Sports Activities

The Games & sports are closely interwoven in the school curriculum. Special coaching for various sports is also arranged. The school also provides training in Yoga, Gymnastics, Table-tennis, Aerobics, Taekwando etc. in school campus or outside by different organisations.

The school organises regular Sports Meets and encourages a spirit of competition and sportsmanship.

Cultural Activities

Instrumental and vocal music, dance and Arts are taught by well qualified and experienced teachers. Through this children are urged to discover their potential and natural talents in and outside the classroom.

Service above Self

Through community service programmes, children are made aware of social ills like poverty and illiteracy. It provides them an opprtunity to come into contact with the weaker sections of our society and to participate in efforts to resolve their difficulties and help to develop social consciousness in our students. The school is a part of the “Education for All” programme. Regular collection of old clothes, books, toys etc are also made. Students distribute these and eatables to the slum children from time to time.

Scouts & Guides Activites

Scouts & Guides training are imparted to both boys and girls. They attend regular camps and competitions organised by the training institutes. The cadets participate Annually in different Rally held on different occasion. Various prizes, shields and certificates have been won by our cadets.

Educational Trips, Tours and Field Trips

The school organises educational tours and field trips to various historical places, museums, art galleries, planetarium, exhibitions etc. Picnics are also arranged classwise where children learn to share and enjoy at the same time.

School Captain & Vice Captain

The Student’s Council consists of Captain and vice captains. They provide leadership to the student community and assist in the smooth running of the school. They help to organize functions and maintain order and discipline. Each class has a class monitor who looks after discipline & other class related activities.

Four Houses of School

The student community is divided into four houses red, Green, Blue, yellow. Each house has a House incharge assisted by House teachers, Captains & Vice captains. Duties are given in rotation to each house. They are responsible for the over all discipline, cleanliness, celebration of festivals, assembly, speeches etc. for that week.

A wide variety of competitions which include elocution, dramas, debates, quizzes, music, rangoli, art craft and sports are held regularly.

House Name Motto Color
Sankardev House Unity in diversity Red
Tagore House Knowledge for service Blue
Bordoloi House For Health & Happiness Yellow
Teresa House Service above self Green